Conceived in 2018 the TELEDRONE box was envisaged as a means of beaming people up in the shape of the transporter featured in Star Trek. Rotors and battery are fitted overhead in common with convention, and the drone up top has been test-flown in both quadcopter and octocopter arrangement.

Although it is pre-programmable to pursue any trajectory, a modular accommodation booth will be adapted in order that the vehicle can be controlled from within using conventional side-sticks... a contingency necessary to allow the air vehicle to meet FAA Part 103 (Ultralight) operations in the US.

Near-term recreational uses will include sightseeing, heli-ski, para-dropping, island-hopping and ship-to-shore transfers... though in the longer term troop-deployment, reconnaissance and search-and-rescue will diversify its sphere of operations.

13th January 2023