Flight-testing under the UKs Large Model Association's remit for scale and full-sized RC models upto 150kg will afterward be followed by the CAA's Experimental Category for piloted flight-programs.

A significant milestone was achieved on 20th February 2020, when the quad here (half-scale with seating) flew prior to its appearance in the event at NASA Ames. This model first flew with a rotor-head configured as an octocopter.

A variety of configurations were investigated before deciding upon the current prototyping effort... aimed at piloted flights during the course of 2023. Unique amongst eVTOL websites too, you'll find failure too amongst our many successes:

     TELEDRONE 1 (04-FEB-19)

     TELEDRONE 2 (25-FEB-20)

     TELEDRONE 3 (03-APR-20)

     TELEDRONE 4 (08-DEC-20)

     TELEDRONE 5 (02-DEC-21)

13th January 2023