Colin Hilton previously headed up Airbus training at a TRTO in London Gatwick having flown for various airlines globally, accumulating over15,000 flying hours. Having missed out on flying helicopters, he decided to try and build one.

Peter Day also learned to fly in the RAF Reserves, whilst he studied law at Keele. Subsequently he would build a software company that he later sold in order to buy the franchise for kit-built Velocity aircraft in the UK and Ireland.

The founders are seen at NASA Ames, where TELEDRONE was the only UK finalist in the 'GoFly' challenge.

The project has also been advanced by the efforts of Alex Hardy and colleagues at Vulcan; by those of Martin Andrews, Angus Benson-Blair and Drone Images UK in test-flying and by those of Phil Martin and Bruno (of Alien Power Systems) in assembly and operation.

Generous support was also provided to the project by both mentors allocated it by GoFly's organisers, beside individuals associated with various other entries appearing at the event: you know who you are, as the principal used to say...

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SCALING UP: Building the Flying Phone-Box

23rd January 2023