Originally envisioned as a lookalike phone-booth based on a UK design, the concept was entered the 'GoFly' challenge as a stand-up compartment with drones set above and below.

As this exceeded the allowed dimensions it appeared at the competition in the form of an accommodation box beneath a single quadcopter... and the only UK team from over eight hundred entrants to appear at the finals in February 2020.

Afterward a revised prototype was tested as an upright 'bin' for a passenger at Llanbedr at the close of 2020,  before the decision was made to pursue the current airframe based on the lower quadcopter.

The design aimed at kit-builders and classed as experimental in the UK (or ultralight in the USA) is being readied for test- flights with a view to crowd-funding and advance orders.

Intended for assembly in hours and reduced to the minimum part-count with few tools required for construction, the final outline is intended to stimulate a global market for personal air vehicles (PAVs).

1st October 2021