Designing the TELEDRONE is Colin Hilton, who learned to fly in the RAF reserve while at Sheffield University. In roles in personal computing he devised a secure signature system for the British Technology Group before turning to aviation.

Here he led Airbus training at a TRTO and flew for a variety of airlines globally, with 15,000 hours on fixed-wing aircraft. As a frustrated helicopter pilot though, he is keen to pursue a means of building a flying machine that anyone can access.

Peter Day is a colleague of forty years and a pilot trained in the RAF while studying law at Keele University. Subsequently he built a software company in freight-forwarding and now owns a franchise for Velocity aircraft in the UK and Ireland, where he is also introducing 'hangar-homes' to the market.

The pair are shareholders beside the organisers of the GoFly challenge in the US, and private investment in the UK drawn from commercial drone operation. During development the project benefited from the expertise of various individuals, without which its progress would be wholly diminished.

Recently too the effort has been joined by a drone operator in the UK, with the knowledge to program flight parameters necessary at both scale and full-size.

14th February 2022