During three years of product development, this 2/3rd scale proof-of-concept has evolved from a concept enterered into a global competition ~ in the form of GoFly's challenge ~ to the point where it incorporates all of the lessons learned in the meantime.

The modular design of the TELEDRONE is deliverable in flat packed format for kit assembly for the lowest outlay and on the shortest timescale. Patented in selected markets around the world, key to the design is an outline that comprises four identical cantilevers within a square outline.

These aluminium extrusions are extended by commercial off the shelf parts that extend its corners downward in support of landing skids or upward to accommodate a quadcopter or octocopter layout.

The beta-product under development is thus set to address a market for a simple and safe ground-effect vehicle that can be used to substitute for boats, ATVs or hovercraft in niche markets.

This simplified business plan was conceived to promote this practical layout (registered design no. 6145740 in the UK) as a universal means to exploit an expanding market for eVTOL efforts in whichever part of the world.

At the time of writing, the design has been effectively frozen and awaits flight-testing at this sub-scale as a foundation for enlarging the airframe and re-equipping with larger motors, propellers and batteries than those seen here.

1st October 2021