The prototype featured is a proof-of-concept demonstrating how an adult can be accommodated in an expanded outline of identical design. Featuring 5 five kilowatt motors and 32" rotors, the airframe is able to raise a child-sized mannekin.

Basic material includes one-sixteenth inch-square aluminium tubing, 1.50 mm aluminium sheet and inch-thick low-density insulation foam, with parts joined by glue and pop-rivets and painted in Post Office red.

The internal arms which define the centre-section are cut to a little less than stock 31" to include M6 thread tube-inserts at either end. Each corner of the airframe perimeter is fitted with 3- or 4-way 1" tube-connectors, supporting stubs of 8".

These include M6 inserts in support of a set of skids of the same section, terminating in aluminium horns from the same section and fixed using short lengths of square dowelling.

T-motor U13 power-units are affixed here to the underside of the perimeter spars in order to separate them so far as is possible from the passenger-pilot.

Battery-packs are stored beneath the seat, and the avionics are ideally mounted on the underside of the centre-section, although these placements can be reversed.

Note that the central cantilevered spars are under 31" so as to allow for threaded tube-inserts at either end that amount to around three-eighths of an inch.

1st October 2021