As originally conceived in 2018, the TELEDRONE was aimed at flying people automatically between locations: a vision of being 'beamed up' by a transporter platform like Star Trek's.

In an effort to reduce the superstructure to a minimum, the current prototype removes most superfluities beside a waist harness for its passenger.

In turn it means that the rotor-assembly can be elevated into the overhead ~ where it has remained for good reason since the invention of the helicopter.

To avoid a complex means of support, the drone is flown up to the overhead position prior to the passenger boarding.

As and when such a concept can be realised, the vehicle may be considered as the single most practical means of elevating a human being into the air.

High-rise access, heli-ski, ship-to-shore, paradrop and island hopping are targeted as breakthrough applications.

  21st November 2022