As sketched out on copious NOTAMS at 35,000 feet above the South China Sea by its inventor (then an airline captain), the design aimed at reconfiguring the method and means of VTOL types to suit an emerging personal air vehicle market.

The modern helicopter had evolved universally to support a motor and drive-train fixed in the overhead, which required substantial structural support to put it there.

Instead, especially with development of ever larger drones in view, it appeared better to let the VTOL do the heavy lifting from around ground-level too. This would allow passengers or cargo to be 'containerised' and tailored to suit.

The passenger-booth or 'flying phone-box' will be adapted in order that the vehicle can be controlled by its pilot... which will be necessary to meet 'ultralight' certification in the US.

Foreseeable uses include sightseeing, heli-ski, para-dropping, ferrying, reconnaissance, search-and-rescue, cargo-dropping and above all... recreation.

7th August 2023