The three-quarter scale prototype evolved from a concept entered into the GoFly challenge in California in early 2020. Designed for kit assembly, it features low-cost components and the shortest possible timescale for construction.

Key to the outline is a four-pronged centre-section patented by a German technical university, and modified here with an airframe with four corners that support accommodation up top and a pair of skids beneath.

The current full-scale mock-up appearing on the home page addresses a need for a ground-effect vehicle that substitutes for boats and ATVs in niche markets. Nonetheless the design can be supplemented with an additional quad unit stacked on the original to create an 'octo' suitable for higher altitudes.

This 48-inch prototype was flight-tested in December 2021, as can be seen in the video section. Meanwhile the current 60-inch airframe is to be be tested with motors with twice the power so as to assess the concept with an adult pilot.

Both the prototype seen above and the backup test-type are available for viewing at the Helicopter Museum in Somerset, and at 'Aeroventure' in South Yorkshire.

15th June 2022