The accommodation booth for the proof-of-concept (POC) is itself designed around the designer, who nonethless won't be airborne in it any time soon, installed power sufficient for flights with no payload or else a lightweight dummy. Whad'ya mean, it's a lightweight dummy we were talking about?

Running with the same build techniques used with countless prototypes prior, the material is common to the remainder of the airframe viz. sixteenth-inch square aluminium tubing. The base that this forms requires no skin and remains open, and the top-end might also be left as open space-frame too.

Otherwise the sides of the lower third of the booth will be skinned with 1.5mm sheet aluminium and backed with 1" of core insulation foam, for shear-web and dampening effects.

The outline is a revision to the metre-high container seen in previous iterations, which rose to waist height... the above an effort to improve the ease of personal ingress while retaining the maximim structural integrity.

At 14" square too, the booth will drop into a shallow well on the base that is provided by 1" angle alloy in order to locate it in position. Nonethless for portability the accommodation remains separate, held in place for operational use by spring steel clamps.

3rd September 2021