Design philosophy for the TELEDRONE airframe has from the outset focussed on the fewest number of commercially available parts, assembled by simple means with handtools of the sort found in every garage.

The process begins in the case of the scale prototype using 48" aluminium square-section of a thickness of 1/16th inch, joined in an outline by three- or four-way tube-connectors.

The outline is reinforced by a centre-section first developed by a German technical university, which can be joined within a single plane. This is subsequently packed with an inch-thick low-density core foam (along with timber inserts if required) before being capped with 1.50mm aluminium sheet.

With capping secured in place with 4 x 12mm pop-rivets, the centre-section is bolted to the frame with 6mm tube-inserts and the chassis is afterwards inverted to install the eight-inch undercarriage legs.

These are used to support a pair of conventional skids using the same gauge of alloy section that is optionally formed into horns at their forward end.

Note that the airframe pictured is not to scale, having been used in a pitch to investors during a 'town hall' event in June of this year.

23rd November 2021