TELEDRONE is a UK-based company incorporated to meet the requirements of the Boeing-sponsored GoFly Challenge. Here in February 2020 it would be one of just twenty-one teams to appear from well over eight hundred worldwide.

The concept of the air vehicle is to include a single operator within a box-structure between one and two metres deep, thus able to accommodate them to either waist-height or else to head-height.

The current prototype stands one metre tall and is aimed at testing a duplexed arrangement in which a lower quadcopter provides the collective function (lift) and the upper the cyclic (steering).

Designed to a flat-pack format, its foam-aluminium sandwich airframe weighs less than fifty kilos and fits a footprint just one metre by two. Development is pursued by Colin Hilton, a former airline captain, in partnership with an entrepreneur in the shape of Peter Day.

The prototype will undergo a test-flight program controlled remotely and using a ballasted dummy prior to inclusion of a test-pilot. The proof-of-concept aims at Experimental (UK) and Ultralight (US) classification and subsequent sales of kits at a price-point on a par with that of motorcycles or jet-skis.

This prototype octocopter has recently been hover-tested indoors (see video section), with negotiations ongoing with the UK CAA toward an exemption for outdoor testing.

Colin Hilton 7th  2020